Hand Forged Black Smith bushcraft Pukko Knife.


From metal forging to leather work, all our products are sourced and crafted by our hands in our Scottish workshop. The one-piece knife construction is deceptively simple but from a blacksmithing point of view is trickier than a similar knife with a handle. This is because it requires greater hammer control and skill with any imperfection visible.


The blade is hand forged from 1075+CR steel in our workshop. We use modern high carbon steel which gives consistent high quality metallurgy, but we work the steel by hand to give you the most authentic blacksmithing experience (as you can see in the video). The blade is heat treated and tempered in house. The blade design is my own interpretation of a classic bushcraft knife with a wee celtic flourish.


The one-piece bushcraft Pukko knife has an integral handle forged into the blade. The Celtic twist arm at the end of the handle (the little tail), is reminiscent of traditional metalwork. Not only is it pretty but it can be used for hanging up and attaching lanyards to (so you don't loose it). The handle is treated with environmentally friendly beeswax (Sourced from a local farm) to give a beautiful, long lasting, lustre. 


A perfect outdoors tool for Spring, Summer & Winter!

Blacksmith's Bushcraft Pukko Knife

  • Blade: 4"

    Total 8"

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