Scottish Highland Dirks were originally used as an everyday multi-purpose tool and weapon. They supposedly evolved from Bollock Daggers but also can be seen much earlier, as you can see in the shape of the lobed handle type. This type of 1700's Dirk, featured prominently in Outlander and current with the Jacobite Rebellion (1680s-1750s), is unique to Scotland. Complete with (by) knife and fork it makes a perfect companion to your re-enactment Highland Dress and wedding kilt, designed to be as robust as it is beautiful. A gem in any collectors' hoard.

Engraved on the left side of the blade in my Doric Scots tounge. "fir ah that is guid in the world, I'll defend"


From metal forging to leather work, all our products are sourced and crafted by our hands in our Scottish workshop. The blade is traditionally hand forged from high carbon steel in our outdoor workshop. Once forging is completed, the blade goes through a heat treating and tempering cycle to give a reliable but sharp edge, adding to the authentic Scottish blacksmithing experience.


The handle has been hand crafted from Red Deer antler and reclaimed brass and copper. The handle is hand fitted and treated with environmentally-friendly beeswax (from a local farm) to give a beautiful, long lasting, polish.


To show off it's Jacobite linage, the Dirk comes with a traditionally tooled custom black leather sheath which has been hand crafted for secure fit. Made from high quality UK Veg Tan leather.


As close to touching our Scottish past, without time travel (or Outlander).

Highland Dirk

  • 11" blade

    15" overall

  • Free worldwide shipping included