Hand Forged Hudson's Bay Co. Camp Knife with Whisky Oak handle. (Bushcraft & Outdoor Adventures).


The famous Hudson's Bay Company comissioned several Sheffield cutlers to manufacture a camp knife that would be as rugged as the wilerness that they encountered. This design is my interpretation of these iconic knives, with a nod to the Orkney men who worked from them - as can seen in the Whiksy Oak and blade spine jimping.


This knife is traditionally hand forged from high carbon 1095 steel in our outdoor workshop. Once forging is completed, the blade goes through a heat treating and tempering cycle to give a reliable but sharp edge, adding to the authentic Scottish blacksmithing experience.


The handle scales have been hand crafted from 100 year old Scottish Oak whisky barrel. Not only does this add a sliver of history to the knife, but the wood is reknowned for being tough. The handle is hand fitted and treated with environmentally-friendly beeswax (from a local farm) to give a beautiful, long lasting, lustre.


In keeping with the Hudson's Bay Co. knives, this comes with a belt-loop sheath of high-quality UK leather. It has been hand stitched with a welt, and tooled with traditional designs. 


Makes anyone a mountain man (or woman). 

Hudson's Bay Co. Camp Knife

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  • Blade: 5.5"

    Total: 10.25"

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