Hand forged Norse Seax - Camping knife with Whisky Oak handle. (Fishing, Reenactment, & Outdoor Adventure)


All our blades are traditionally hand forged from high 1084 carbon steel in our outdoor workshop. Once forging is completed, the blade goes through a heat treating and tempering cycle to give a reliable but sharp edge, adding to the authentic Scottish blacksmithing experience.


The design is my own interpretation of a Seax, originally used as an everyday, multiple purpose tool. It combines traditional Scandinavian and Scottish bush craft practices to give an aesthetic but very practical tool. The Viking Seax is capable of all tasks from light chopping, brush clearing and butchering tasks as well as being used as a substitute for axe work.


The handle is made from loacally sourced reclaimed Scottish Oakwhisky barrel from Speyside. The handle is then treated with environmentally-friendly and food safe oil to give a long-lasting, hard wearing finish.


It comes with a hand crafted, custom sheath designed to fit with Norse practices. Made from high quality UK leather to create a sturdy sheath, supplied with leather strap.


It is ideal companion on the trails, in the campsite or at home. It can be put to work in a multitude of fishing, hunting, foraging or kitchen tasks, making it a perfect gift for someone who loves the outdoors.


Perfect piece to make history come alive.

Norse Camping & Outdoors Seax

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