Hand forged Scandinavian-Style Pukko with Cosmic Scrimshaw handle.


From metal forging to leather work, all our products are sourced and crafted by our hands in our Scottish workshop.


The blade has been hand forged from a combination of 80crv2 / 410 stainless  to create a San Mai blade. This is a sandwitch of soft stainless cutlery steel and hard high carbon steel, creating a robust, hard working but sharp blade, forged in house. Once forging was completed, the blade goes through a heat treating and tempering cycle to give a reliable but sharp edge.


The design is my own interpretation of an outdoors knife combining Scandinavian and Scottish bush craft practices to give an aesthetic but very practical tool - a modern knife made for being in the field.


The handle is crafted from sustainably sourced Red deer antler and Birch wood. The antler has been handcarved to create my modern take on scrimshaw in my niave style (I wish I could draw). Depicting the land, mountains, sky and heavens, this is my Cosmic Scrimshaw. 


Complete with traditional black leather sheath with a design goes back thousands of years.


Genuinely, it is really cool - even cooler than the photos can show. 

Outdoors Pukko Knife with Cosmic Scrimshaw

  • 3.5" blade

    4" handle

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