Hand Forged Kitchen Knife with Ash burl handle.


From metal forging to hand finishing, all our products are sourced and crafted in our Scottish workshop.


The blade is hand forged in our workshop. For this piece of cultery we have use modern high carbon "Spicy White" steel - it is given this name for its super fine grain structure which gives a hardwearing, consitently sharp edge. Ideal for cutlery. We work the steel by hand to give you the most authentic blacksmithing experience.


The blade is heat treated and tempered in house. The blade design is my own interpretation of a functional but aesthetically pleasing kitchen tool that can stand up to the everyday use, combining traditional Scottish and French cutlery styles - the "auld alliance style".


The handle has been hand made sustainably sourced local Ash burl. The handle has a French style profile with the swell and butt creating an ergonomic fit within your hand. The handle is treated with environmentally friendly beeswax (Sourced from a local farm) to give a beautiful, long lasting, lustre.


Ideal for all kinds of food preparation (and making you look the bee's knees in the kitchen).


Adding a touch of pleasure to every meal, whether it is in a professional kitchen or your own home.

Hand Forged Scottish Kitchen Knife

  • 200mm cutting edge

    320mm overall

    2mm at the spine

  • Free UK & International Delivery