Hand forged Traditional Sgian Dubh with Red Deer Antler and reclaimed copper. (Highland Dress, Wedding & camp; Utility)


All our blades are traditionally hand forged from high carbon steel in our outdoor workshop. Once forging is completed, the blade goes through a heat treating and tempering cycle to give a reliable but sharp edge, adding to the authentic Scottish blacksmithing experience. The blade design is my own interpretation of what the Highlanders' Sgian Dubh may have looked and felt like.


The handle has been hand crafted from local, sustainably sourced Red Deer Antler and reclaimed copper. The handle is hand fitted and treated with environmentally-friendly beeswax (from a local farm) to give a beautiful, long lasting, lustre.


The Sgian Dubh kilt knife comes with a custom black boot-style sheath. It is hand made from high quality UK leather.


All out kilt knives are designed to look stunning with your Highland Dress kilt whilst being fully functional as an outdoors tool for camping, fishing and all types of wild adventures.


Forged by hand in the heart of whisky Country.

Hand Forged Sgian Dubh with Red deer Antler Handle

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