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Our Mission

Since 2016, our reason for getting up in the morning is to make beautiful, fully functional tools. These are inspired by our history, environment, and belief that they should last you a lifetime

Striving to keep our history alive, not only as Scots but as humans, we take inspiration from real examples of tools, Sgian Dubhs, and a whole catalogue of metal work. You are not buying something from us but ensuring that a piece of history is kept alive with you

Because of this ethos, we endeavour to make everything that we can in our workshop in the North East of Scotland - from hand forging metal blades to leatherwork. No components are bought in and no work is outsourced - all which can be seen in the high quality items that you take home.


Environmental Ethos

We live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we want to keep it that way. As such we have always taken environmental responsibility seriously.

We do this in several ways. Materials are all locally sourced from right here in Scotland from whisky barrel Oak to native Red Deer antler and native hard woods. The furthest our materials travel from is Sheffield for their world renowned steel - we think it is worth it!

To minimise our carbon footprint, we use traditional blacksmithing techniques and run our equipment as efficiently as possible. We use hand tools and sweat as much as possible for forging blades and handle shaping. 


Society has become throwaway and we need to make a change. All our knives and tools are made to last a lifetime. Not only does that mean fewer natural resources are being used but that it gives you the opportunity to learn to use and love your new tool.


Something special that can be passed down over the generations.


Flett Forge in the News

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