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Hand forged traditional Scottish Sgian Dubh. Bespoke Kilt knives, skean dhu and boot knife.

Custom Sgian Dubh - Scottish Kilt Knives Made to Order

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Hand forged traditional Scottish Sgian Dubh Kilt Knives with choice of custom handles, including Whisky barrel Oak, and bespoke leather sheath.


At present delivery time is approximately 3 months from the depsoit paid date (e.g., if you place a custom order in January, we would work to a March estimate).


All our Sgian Dubhs are fully functional tools as well as being beautiful pieces of Scottish heritage.


Please note £75 is a deposit. Certain materials, finishes and styles are extra. A typical Sgian Dubh including sheath will cost around £125-£140. Full payment, minus the deposit, is paid once the order is complete and is required before shipping.


If you are looking for custom kitchen cutlery, dirks or anything else, please get in touch directly at 


---------The Custom Sgian Dubh Package---------

From metal forging to leather work, all our products are sourced and crafted by our hands in our Scottish workshop.


Our blades are traditionally hand forged from high carbon steel in our workshop. Once forging is completed, the blade goes through a heat treating and tempering cycle to give a reliable but sharp edge, adding to the authentic Scottish blacksmithing experience. The blade design is my own interpretation of what the Highlanders' Sgian Dubh may have looked and felt like.


We offer a wide range of handle materials to allow you to create your perfect kilt knife. This includes locally sourced Red Deer Antler, Ash, Burl and Beech as well as Copper and resin spacers and brass bolsters. Our customer favourite is our signature handle crafted from genuine reclaimed whiskey barrel staves from distilleries across the North East of Scotland, including the famed Speyside. They are so popular becuase the wood has a rich, deep lustre, polishes to a smooth finish and has a unique, warm aroma adding to the tactile feel of the kilt knife. Once crafted, all our handles are hand sanded and treated with environmentally-friendly oil to give a beautiful, long lasting, lustre.


A custom sheath is then made to order from high-quality UK leather. This can be selected to match a kilt, family tartan or personal preference.


Forged by hand in the heart of whisky Country your Sgian Dubh will add a lovely flash to any Scot's highland dress.

------------------What you get--------------

The Custom Sgian Dubh Package includes:

- Hand forged Sgian Dubh blades from high carbon steel.

- Hand crafted Sgian Dubh handles: This includes whisky barrel staves, Ash, Burl and Beech as well as Copper and Resin spacers, brass bolsters and anything else you can imagine!

- Custom Sheaths: Made to order from high quality UK leather. The colour, texture, and stitching can be customised.

----------What is a Sgian Dubh?------------------

The Sgian Dubh is a intrinsic part of Scottish identify - as much as part of the national image as the bagpipes or kilts! There are many legends and tales about its origins but scholars believe that it originated from the "sgian achlais" meaning "armpit knife" which was worn underneath Highlanders' jackets. Who was friend and who was foe was not always clear, so it was customary in the 17th and 18th centuries for Highlanders to reveal any hidden weapons when going into someone's home. The myth is that folk would take their knife out from underneath the jacket and placing it in the top of the kilt hose (tall sock), making it visible but always within reach.

The tradition of the sgian dubh endures into modern life. Frequently, it is worn as a the finishing touch to traditional Scottish dress - a true Scot wouldn't be caught at any wedding, celebration or big event without one! Historically the knife was a multi-purpose every day tool used for protection, hunting, survival and everything in between. In keeping with this, all my sgian dubhs are functional to keep the heritage alive.

  • Free Delivery

    Free UK & International Delivery

  • UK Legal Carry

    When worn with Highland Dress

  • Order Completion Time

    As this is a custom piece of work, we estimate a 3 month completion time from date of purchase. On purchase, you will recieve an email from us to get started and check your preferences. For those in a hurry, we can on occasion offer a faster turn around at a premium - please get in touch to discuss this. 

  • Order Size

    You can order several Sgian Dubhs at once by selecting the number you want from Quanity box. If you require more than the quantity currently in stock, please get in touch. 

  • Dimensions

    Approximate dimensions: 3.5" blade and 7" in total.